The Love is in the Detail


Why should you hire a calligrapher for your wedding? I actually have an answer for that!!

Have you ever commissioned an artist to produce an original piece of art for you or for someone else?  Most of us would answer “no” without hesitation.

But hiring a calligrapher to hand-write your invitation, your vows, your seating chart, or even your menu or place cards, is just that.  And by having your envelopes addressed by a calligrapher you are commissioning an original work of art for each and every one of your invited guests.

A guest who receives this lovely gift from you will pay closer attention to the invitation within, and they will respond more quickly.  They are even more likely to attend, for two reasons.

First, they are simply flattered.  As well they should be.  You have paid good money to have the most personal thing about them, their name, made into a beautiful keepsake.  They don’t know it was inexpensive.  They just know from this lovely gesture that they are a valued witness to, and particpant in, the most special day of your life.

Second,  you have given them a glimpse of things to come should they respond “yes”. They know that it is your goal to treat this occasion as it should be treated.  The pleasure of your guests is important to you.  Details do not escape your attention.

Doubtful?   Think back to receiving a sloppy hand-written or machine-printed envelope, even with a beautiful invitation inside.  Did you want to attend?  Did you want to spend money on a gift, buy an outfit, don your killer shoes and schlep across the city, let alone across the continent or ocean, to attend this party?  Did it say to you, “Hey, this is going to be a fantastic party!  I’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure you have a memorable time”?

I’ve been working with engaged couples and talking to newlyweds for over fifteen years.  I’ve attended many weddings for which I’ve done the calligraphy, and I am delighted every time a client introduces me to guests as her or his calligrapher.  Even clients who are decade-long friends do this!  I love it.  I love the look of recognition from the guest, their inevitable compliment for my work (they always remember!), but most of all, I love the look of gratitude and pride on the the newleyweds’  lovely faces.

Believe me, it makes a difference.

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  1. This is one incredible woman. I am confident you will never be disappointed with her services. She is one classy woman!

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